Only SOMETHING about me!


I change. I evolve. I grow. I learn. I make mistakes. I cry. I laugh. I love saying, “I don’t care!”…though deep down I do. I give advice. I hope. I dream. I make castles in the air. I sneeze. I lose my temper. I have my posse. I’m funny when I’m mad. I love with everything I have. I’m ambitious. I’m domestic. I’m cheap. I work through, under, over, rules. I do what I need to do to survive. I’m whimsical. I’m a die-hard romantic. I’m selfish. I’m quiet. I’m honest. I’m conceited. I’m stubborn. I’m proud. I’m reserved. I love attention. I prefer sitting in corners and analyzing people. I’m careful. I’m cautious. I’m uninhibited. I don’t think twice before speaking. My honest response gets me in trouble. My motto shud be… “Think Twice, Speak Once”

Passionate About!

Family, Planes, People, Books, Love, Dreams, Goals, Basketball, Emotions, Sis n Bros, Coffee, Poetry, Future, Sunsets, Sunrises, Change, Independence, Seashore, Respect, Ambitions, Clouds, Night, Autumn, Feelings, Ocean. (Edited June 2008) Husband. His goals. His Dreams.  (Edited Mar 2009)


  1. thats it ?

  2. yeh dats abt it…..

  3. U r everything…

  4. Wow … you could’ve listed the two three things that you are not 😉

  5. Karl: not really 😛 if u think …….yeh if u dont think!

    Asma: yeh…..hhmmmm gud idea
    will add it to da list

  6. That’s what a person is.Expressions are so candid.I wish I could see them in Urdu itself.

  7. baqol some poet:
    apnay ehsaas say chho k mujhey sandle kr do

    kia tum kuch mujhey bhi bna sakti ho?

    ummm tum mujhey pls stubborn, concieted, honest n haan mad bhi kr do…but pls if u r sneezing at the moment then stay away :p

  8. All in one!!!

  9. hello…
    one of my fav song by Ali Azmat… hmmm love it… 🙂

  10. sorry… i put my comment at wrong place… you may delete… but i read the title of blog so could not stop my fingers to say about song… heheh

  11. now could you tell me who wrote this…
    خواب ادھورے سہی خواب سہارے تو ہیں۔ ۔ ۔ ۔۔

  12. u havent added my blog in your blogroll? strange…

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  14. I’m funny when I’m mad.

    Man! Now this is self revelation!

  15. Hey Khwab, thanks for dropping by my blog… it was really nice of you. 🙂

    Since we have something in common I tagged you on this books meme on my blog. Please have a look and reply on your blog. 🙂

  16. i like the title.. i love this song! 🙂

  17. I read your intro twice because I felt like its my explaination too…

  18. sachi ???

  19. my lifes so much like the docs n my wife is always complaining too :((

  20. Nice blog! Lovely intro! 🙂

  21. What is your zodiac sign? Just curious!

  22. cancer 😀

  23. Very nice blog…good composition of thoughts

  24. Khush Aamdeed! 🙂

  25. So you are here!…I went there and there was a board ” we have moved”….and I thought you have moved to the clinic 😛

  26. lolsss

    nahi abi etna bure din nahi ahe hain….

  27. Adding you to my blogroll. Thankyou for coming in. 🙂

  28. Hi – Tagging you today 🙂

    I wrote a post as a sample on my blog – Christmas in Dubai 2007 – It contains pics of christmas decorations in Dubai last year – I wrote a little info about them too.

    Now you have to dig up any old pics from your collection and post them here with some information about how and when you took them.

    Share some pics with us just for fun.

    Thanks. 🙂

  29. how can you be soooooooooo me !

  30. Beautiful header!

    I have launched new magazine online. URSH.

    Join in. Details on my blog.

  31. Well written 🙂
    Adding you to my blogroll.

  32. here is my link:

  33. Nice Blog…. Prayers for you.

  34. achay bachay kisi ko baddua nahi detay, Apnay maamlaat Allah par chor do, he do not let anyone down.

  35. ^ k

    yeh now when i read it…. i feel bad that i wrote it…

    it was the time when i was going through alot.
    i am recovering.

  36. dude Thnks for visitin ma site 🙂

    by d way ur blog is nice !!

  37. Heyy…just came across your blog today…very well said intro 🙂

  38. you are a human

  39. Awesome header, but to some extent wordings are funny as well 🙂

  40. You are everything 🙂

  41. WOW you’re a lot of things… Waisay can you reproduce this list without having a look at it? 😛

  42. Haris: ofcourse…., it might be even longer now 😉 lol

  43. hahaha……..i agree with the motto……..itz one of my flaws…..

  44. lolssss yeh i know …. well no one is perfect rit 😉

  45. if someone ask me about me..ill write/tell them the exact same thing..

    btw thanks for commenting on my old and dead blog at


  47. i am testing surprise me 🙂

  48. hey! nice blog..

  49. Do u also fly ? just wondering ….

  50. Thanks Shagufta abbas 🙂

    Hamza not anymore 🙂

  51. Seems that you’re one of few rare people who have developed ‘self-realization’ on parameters of reality 🙂 Interesting!

  52. Interesting! 🙂
    And nice blog. Please keep updating?

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