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First Day of classes

I have noticed a pattern, when I start my day and one thing go wrong, everything  that follows would be a complete disaster.  I had Advanced Org Behavior class in a campus which is quite far from my place.  Before leaving  for class I went through the projects descriptions and assignments. I’ll tell you, IT WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA:watt:. This course consists of MAJOR research projects and group work.  I was all nervous and had no idea if I am going to survive or not. 

I had to bus to uni but I missed it by 30sec, I was so annoyed because I was half an hour late for my class. I waited for an hour on the bus stop and almost froze into an ice cube:sigh:.  I got to uni and took a while  to find my class, when I finally found my class I was few feet away when worse thing you can ever imagine happened.  :kyll:My bag stripe broke, it JUST had to break on my first day of classes I was so mad, annoyed, confused, nervous. :hayaa:

I entered the class and had to walk to the last row where there was one empty seat. Usually when a student is late they would quietly come and sit but my professor was busy lecturing and he was standing in the middle of my way and there was not enough space for me to get through. :errrr:  First I waited for him to notice and move out of my way but when he seemed  to not notice me, I had to cut him in the middle of his lecture and (wanted to push him aside) but luckily he moved by himself and saved himself from major injuries.  :meanstr: I drop my bag on the table and almost fell on the chair. I wasn’t even settled down when he  turned towards me and said,

“This is Food 3250, are you sure you are suppose to be here.”  :sughar:

 For a minute I froze. I looked around the class, noticed few smiling faced, looked at the slides that he had on projector and relaxed a bit and replied, “As long as you teach some delicious recipes I am fine.”  The whole class burst into laughter.  masoom

I had a very interesting first lecture; he explained what exactly he is expecting from us, how he is going to grade, little bit about the projects, assignments. I think what I was aiming to get in this course wont be hard to achieve after I went over the course outline.  Of course if I work hard.   :masoom:

Compensation class is interesting but its extremely difficult with HUGE work load and group research projects. :shockd

 Another course that I am taking is IT for Business and I heard students saying that its another hard course. So I asked my prof if I should take these two together or wait for next semester for compensation.   I’ll hear from her soon and than make my decision. :nerdy

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بے مول

جب انسان کا وجود بے مول ہو جائے تب نہ کوئی حرفِ تسلی کام آتی ہے نہ حرفِ تشفی۔

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No wonder its called grind

On Monday morning we left the house at 8am (yes very unusual) whenever we planned for hiking  or tracking we always end up leaving late. But today it was Maryam’s turn to pick everyone up so she kept honking till we all got out of the house. We picked our other friends and left for Grouse Grind. It took us about an hour to get to Grouse M0untain.

We started our hiking at 9am, we were told there is a BMO race going on at 10 so we’ll have to get off the trail. Me and my friend partnered up and finished the first quarter when racers started coming, there were about 600 of them. :emmy: The trail was getting narrower and steeper making it harder for us to get off the trail so we had to stop a lot. It was really annoying because it was slowing us down and screwing up out timing. :pcg: In the morning when we left the house it was light rain but as soon as we were getting closer to Grouse Mountain it started raining heavily When we left the house it was really light rain but it started to heavily rain when we were getting close to the Grouse Mountain. 

Most people think first quarter is the MOST difficult one, :hayaa: but i think first half is the hardest because at some point you have to literally climb using your hand and second half isn’t hard but because by that time you are so exhausted that the second half becomes really difficult to finish.

The other thing with hike on Grouse Mountain is that once you start it you cant quit,  :hinna: you have to finish it and get to the top because going down is extremely dangerous and its not even allowed. So when you get on the top you have to take gondola to get down. Which reminds me last year the ticket was $5 and this year its doubled, now its $10 for gondola.  wth :pcg:

We got home around 1pm had breakfast and after an hour i left for mosque because we had a Shurah election and Eid get together.  Five ladies were nominated shurah, lets see which one of them would be approved to go on Shurah Meeting to Toronto.

Oh and one last thing, I got selected for Talawat competition in Regional Ijtemal. It came as a surprise for me too 😀 The next day when I opened the surah that i had to recite, i realized i completely forgot my tune.   :smack:

Anyways Ijetma is on coming Sunday so still have couple of days to practice.

Wish me luck 🙂

Pics are uploaded on my FB and flickr 🙂

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Why ??

Why do we say “baray buhray” instead of saying “chotay buhray”?




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Ahmadies and Fate of Pakistan

I remember it was late 1974 when one day I came home crying from school. My dad asked me why i am crying. I told him, “my school friends refused to play with me and they were all calling me ‘kafir’ (infidel). Dad we are not kafir, right?” I wanted surety from my dad. He picked me up and planted a kiss on ma cheek and told me, “No we are not ‘kafir’, we are Muslim and don’t worry if they don’t want to play with you, you have your sisters why don’t you play with them.” Read More…

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Meray Adhoray Khawab III

Few hours ago I was sleeping peacefully with a smile on my face. In my dream i was running around with my cat, Foxy, and laughing, flowers everywhere, wind blowing my hair and a nice  Read More…

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Kulchas for Sehri :D

Kashmiri Kulcha – NOT Naan *facepalm*

Read More…

A short story i wrote a while back….

اسلام آباد شہر کی سڑکیں رات کی بارش سے دھل کر نکھر گئیں تھیں اور ہر چیز صاف ستھری نظر آرہی تھی۔ اگست کی ٹھنڈی اور پُرسکون صبح کو ایک سفید داڑھی اور نورانی چہرے والا بوڑھا شخص ہر روز کی طرح ہاتھ میں ایک چھوٹے سے شاپر میں چڑیوں کی خوراک ڈالے پارک کی طرف جارہاتھا کہ اچانک کسی چیز نے اُسے ٹھٹک کر رک جانے پر مجبور کر دیا۔ Read More…

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Ramadan Mubarak *grin*

Friend 2 Friend: Is saal roze rakho ge?
Friend: Nahi yaar
Friend: Aur traveeh paroge?
Friend: Mushkil ha
Friend: Aur aftari karoge?
Friend: Ab itna bhi kafir nahi hoon.

Happy Fasting Everyone 😀

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