True Story For An Ungrateful Person!

Thou hast given so much to me,
Give one thing more, – a grateful heart;
Not thankful when it pleaseth me,
As if Thy blessings had spare days,
But such a heart whose pulse may be Thy praise.
~George Herbert

How many times we get up in the morning with a big smile on our face, thanking God out loud for what ever he has blessed us with?
How many times you sat in your living room with your family watching some TV shows, having harmless funny fights with your siblings, over favourite sitting place or remote control but you thank God for blessing you with another evening with your family?
How many times your mom cooked something that you disliked the most, but you sat down with her and really enjoyed it ONLY because your mom cooked it for you and in fact you complimented her?
How many times you’ve thanked Allah for blessing you with a childhood full of sweet memories?
How many times you really wanted to complain but your mouth was shut tight because you just lost count of all the blessings?

Can you really thank Him enough?

We can spend hours and hours complaining how miserable our life is, how unfair our faith had been with us and how we really don’t deserve this kind of life.
We complain about so many things in life like, losing a job or not getting the job we always wanted, or not getting the love of our life or getting married to someone we never wanted to, or failing a course at university or for not getting the grades that we aimed for, or for getting into an argument with mom and dad or for not having an understanding parents, or for not having enough money to travel or be able to afford something we want or for not having a luxurious life or for getting into a fight with a best friend or not having friends who stick with you through thin and thick. Complain, complain and complain, all we do is complain. But can we spend same amount of time to calculate everything honestly, subtracting all the mishaps and adding all the blessings? Trust me on one thing; after doing all the additions and subtractions, the blessings and fortunate things we own, still outnumber the mishaps we encounter.

Now imagine a family of three daughters and a son. You enter their house and you see a nicely decorated warm house. All the three daughters aged 12, 10 and 7 years old are sitting in the family room, engaged with some cartoon program on TV. The 5 years old baby brother is taking his afternoon nap, while their mom with a smile giving final touches to the lunch and Dad who just came home from work is leaning against the kitchen counter telling his wife everything about his day at work.

Now imagine the same family and you enter their house. The first thing you have noticed is the mess thrown around. The coat stand by the door is on the floor. You walk into the family room and you see no one except the TV turned on with loud volume but no body watching it. You see more clutter as you move in the house as if nobody bothered while throwing all these things around. You also hear some noises coming from the kitchen. As you move towards the kitchen, you notice the husband and the wife arguing endlessly. The house and the kitchen seems like just hit by a storm. You feel the presence of someone else, so you look around anxiously only to find 3 scared kids, peeking through their bedroom door, while whispering to each other and asking if the argument between mom and dad will ever end.

It was around midnight when she heard a loud scream, so loud that it even woke 12 years old. She looked at her younger sisters who were still sleeping. She got up thinking mom and dad are into another fight. For few minutes, she just sat there thinking if she should go downstairs or not, and after moments of courage building she finally decided to have a look for herself. As she was walking down the stairs, there was a pin drop silence; she couldn’t hear her parents arguing as expected. She had a sigh of relief; as it always made her uncomfortable to see her parents shouting at each other. She moved towards the kitchen door where she discovered a red liquid on the white kitchen floor, which made her to move quickly only to see her mom lying on the floor, completely covered with blood around her body. Kitchen tiles were now turned into red instead of marble white that they used to be.

She heard noises coming off the stairs and instinctively she knew it was her sister. For some reason, she wanted to shield her younger sister from the horror she had just seen. She yelled at her sister in full voice, “Go back to your room and lock the room now and don’t let anyone come downstairs!” Her sister, who would have asked her “Why?” in her usual tone, didn’t utter a word and ran back to her room. The 10 years old was clueless, she had no idea what was going on but the horror and terror she felt in her sister’s voice, got her scared. The12 year old, looked at her dad who was still standing in the kitchen with a knife in his hand in a complete shock. She still couldn’t believe her eyes because to her he was still her dad not murderer of her mom. She asked her dad, “What should I do?” and he replied, “Call your uncle and the cops.”

The next day all three girls were sitting in a police station. A chubby guy in a police uniform came up and sat with them. There was a complete silence when the officer took his duty cap off. He wanted to explain the kids what had just happened, when the 12 years old asked him; “Is my mommy still in the hospital?”.
The Police officer could not hold his tears back anymore and hugged the girl and told her, “Your mom has passed away kid…” That was when it really struck her; one single night has changed her childhood. There was this little hope that her mom was going to recover and come home soon. Everything will be back to normal but that tiny hope died within those few seconds. She suddenly felt a grown up women just in one day. Her mom’s brother, her loving uncle, who lived in the same city, came home and took all of them with him.

The 12 year old girl was growing up fast and the time came when she felt the need of someone, someone who could explain her all the questions she had about life. In vain, she started to figure out life on her own.

So many things that can’t be explained in black and white, so many painful stories of that 12 years old girl’s life. When even her basic necessities were not catered for, she came to a point where stealing was the only option she could think of. Eventually she became a shop lifter. Occasionally she would go to a supermarket and would steal things of her extreme necessity. These were not the things one would imagine for a 12 years to shoplift like chocolates bars, candies, makeup or jewellery but her basic life necessities and she would over use them just to avoid stealing again for sometime.

Her uncle cared for these kids to some extend but his behaviour was really odd. If he found out that his wife didn’t give food to the kids he would beat his wife till she would start bleeding and screaming. What he failed to understand was, that his behaviour led his wife hate these kids even more. One day that 12 years old who was now 14 years old woke up early in the morning when everybody was sleeping. She got up and left the house. She had no idea where she was going but all she knew was that she has to go far away from this house and from her uncle and aunt. She took a bus and kept changing buses after buses. She got off on one stop and started walking until she found herself in front of her house where they all lived with their parents. She sat there for so long, memories rushing through her mind. She was remembering all those moments that she spent with her mother. All those new years eve, birthdays, summer breaks, spring breaks that she and her siblings spent as a happy family. A lady walked up to her and asked her if she is okay and she got up brushed her dress and said ‘yes’ and moved on.

Life only got worse when they went to visit one of their uncles, in a different city and on their way back, they got into a really bad accident.

They were in the middle of nowhere when the accident happened. When the car was swaying and flipping, her 8 years old brother fell off the car. When it all settled, they all managed to make their way out of the car, but the young one was no where to be found. Finally, after painful hunt of two hours, they finally found her brother, unconscious lying in a ditch nearby. They were all hurt with multiple bruises on their bodies and pain all over, yet they managed to reach the hospital bare footed to seek medical attention for the young one. Their uncle arranged their air tickets to fly home while he decided to stay along with the young brother. None of the girls wanted to leave their brother in such condition at the hospital but did not have the courage to speak up. The hospital staff arranged their footwear and clean clothing and one of uncle’s friend dropped them to the airport. After few weeks, the boy was moved to a hospital in there city. Doctors told them that their brother was in deep coma and chances of him gaining conscious are very slim, so they have to decide if they want them to keep the child on machine or not. For the very first time, uncle showed humanity for the kids and asked the doctors to keep him on machine until he recovers completely or gain consciousness.

For three years, they kept visiting their brother once every week. Three years is a long time if one thinks about it. After long wait of three years, their brother gained his conscious back and he opened his eyes, but unfortunately he failed to recognize anyone. He gave a blank face whenever any of his sisters visited him. He kept staring at each one of them but failed to speak up, yet his elder sister kept visiting everyday with a hope that one day her brother was going to gain his memory back.

After two years of gaining consciousness, he started to recognize his elder sister and would utter little words. He couldn’t talk or even walk properly and one of his hand also paralysed. The time has flown quickly and the elder sister was 19 now. She started to work as a cashier in a local store. She would bring sweets, candies and chocolates for her siblings. She was not allowed to stay outside after her working hours by her uncle neither anyone of them were allowed to visit friends. She wanted to see her siblings happy and wanted to give them all what she had missed in her childhood. She would bring pizza for her siblings and hide it under their bed so that when everyone else at home goes to sleep, they would even enjoy eating cold slices of pizza together. Many times their cousins would spoil the pizza if they found out, and such behaviour was encouraged by their rogue parents.

Two years later her life changed once again but this time it changed for good. She got married; it was a typical arranged marriage where she had never met the guy before. He wasn’t very rich, well educated or a handsome guy. He belonged to an average family, and haven’t had any successful career as well. However, she found him very caring, loving and understanding life partner although she could never enjoy her life to fullest. Every time she would sit down with her husband for a dinner, she would think of her siblings, who were probably fed days of left over or even sleeping without anything to eat. Whenever her husband would take her out for shopping and she would want to buy her favourite dress, she would remember how long it had been when her sisters went out for shopping and bought a new dress.

It was funny how her uncle and aunt started to treat her differently after her marriage. Now she would cook her siblings’ favourite dishes and bring it to her uncle’s place for everyone. Her sisters were usually not allowed to visit her but only at special occasions. And when they do visit her, they would have time of their life. Life started to change a little, she started filling up her siblings life with little happiness. It was still not all perfect, as like any couple, she would have arguments with her husband as well as get frustrated at her uncle and aunt who would keep interfering into her life. Mostly, she was not allowed to make decisions off her self, yet life was so much different better then what she had endured at her uncle’s house.

William Ward says, God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say, “thank you?”

So today, I would like to ask you all a simple question: Do you complain more often than you thank Allah for whatever He gave you? Do you get nightmares of your childhood or do you smile every time you look back in your past? Do you thank your parents for whatever they have given you or you just complain for what they haven’t? If you start looking for things to be thankful, I am sure you’ll find plenty. There are so many people around us like this 12 years old who would give anything to have YOUR life, YOUR childhood. Stop being ungrateful and stop complaining.



  1. 🙂
    You sound like my Baba right now 😛 But yeah.. that is true..we don’t thank Him enough..

  2. Wonder why we realize it when we actually have not a moment to spare for actually acting upon it –

  3. very well written 🙂 i never knew you cud write so well 🙂 and yes i would like to say only those people complain who cant face the reality of life or those who are POORLY WEAK ones.. 😐

  4. Absar we r selfish n ungrateful souls :S

    Divaa we only realize when we no longer have time to thank him or when its too late….

    Naveed i do write but this my first time i am sharing it on my blog…. i have also written some fiction…
    i agree with you… some of us only think about ourself our problems….. if we start to listen to other ppl around us we’ll feel blessed to have the life we have…

  5. Thats so true we just don look at the tiny things in life…. and fall for the things that really dont have any GREAT meaning in our lives. We are ungrateful for the bigger things and un-thankful for all the tiny things in our lives…

  6. And we need to be more grateful.. cause every single thing is a blessing. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. This story brought tears to my eyes. It also inspired me to write a piece of my own. You are a very powerful writer!

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